Artist Statement

Creating art for me has been an act of self-preservation since I was a child. For me, art is an attempt to escape the maelstrom of thoughts and feelings raging through my mind. My pursuit of inner peace led me on a journey of self-exploration through multiple mediums including drawing, painting, graphic design, and scenic painting for live theater. I struggled to find something to hold my attention and escape my demons… Then I discovered glass.


The intensity of focus demanded by this inherently dangerous medium enables me to escape the noises in my head. The practice has become a form of meditation for me as I form the molten material, bending it to my will, and cleansing my mind by burning away the incessant circling thoughts. Once cooled, I immerse myself in the process of further shaping my creations by precise cutting, grinding, and polishing; the cold work bringing a peaceful clarity to my thoughts.


My current body of work is a burgeoning exploration of the medium. I am drawn to create forms that mimic the grandeur of nature, and lend themselves to being a form of meditation and escape. Within my mind and soul each piece is a narrative that allows me to intently explore the world the around me and thereby learn to understand myself.

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